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Our services or What do we do

We make the life of the renter easier, taking care of his property as a good steward.
We create satisfied and loyal guests who come back in the property.
We turn the property into a generator of permanent income.

Interior design

Turn your grandmother's abandoned property into a source of secure income. We know it costs effort and money, but we are confident that this investment will pay for itself many times over. Trust our interior designers with extensive experience and see how the old home will soon shine with a new look.

Our skilled and responsible craftsmen will complete the project quickly and qualitatively. Their work is entirely under our control.

Sometimes you do not have to invest much, and the result is stunning, the earnings -guaranteed!


Marketing and Advertising

We launch the campaign with the capture of the property by a very good photographer. The pictures are the first thing that stops the eye of potential guests and therefore must be really impressive. We continue with the creation of a detailed and accurate, but at the same time a very attractive presentation of the property. It describes all its features, but also the owner's requirements to the guests. It then directs the ad to a specific segment of tourists and spreads it across multiple online booking platforms like Airbnb, Booking.com, Flipkey, Homeaway, etc. We also do a lot of offline sales, because our loyal customers are often calling us on the phone.

Flexible pricing

Successfully filled with guests of the properties of urban type is only possible if conducted effectively pricing. Prices change daily, so requires the use of special algorithm that takes into account the change of many factors.

Excellent guest service 24/7

Our team of online receptionists, concierge, maids and masters is fully available to guests no matter what day of the week is and what time it is. If we have a problem we are ready to respond quickly.

We strive to best serve your guests, so they will be satisfied and return to your property again in the future.

Preliminary communication, welcoming, checking-in and checking-out guests

We start communicating with guests from the very first moment they are interested in the property. Following are emails and telephone conversations, which give the most detailed information about the property offered and most well-emphasize its advantages. After receiving a guest confirmation, follow the second stage of our communication - specify the time of arrival and check-in.The guest is already in the property but needs information and help - no problem, we are sent! Our contact with the guest does not interrupt until he returns to his home. Even then we continue the communication requiring a real assessment of his stay in the property.

Perfect purity and scent of fresh bed linen

There is nothing more important to us than maintaining excellent cleanliness in the property. We work with a well-established cleaning company, to whom we have entrusted laundry and ironing of bed linen. Additionally, we have a professional housekeeper  and a technician who are responding urgently in case of emergencies. The cleaning of the property is done regularly after the departure of the guests. We are working on a checklist and in case of damage we inform the owner immediately. The property is well maintained and is amortized very slowly.

We take care of the payment of utility bills

Monthly monitoring of electricity, water, heating, cable and internet bills, and the timing of their payment, is annoying and time consuming. For too busy property owners or those outside Bulgaria, we offer the service "payment of utility bills."


Administrative and legal advice and assistance

Our company works with a team of experienced lawyers who can assist in all administrative and legal procedures. Especially important administrative task categorization of property in the municipality. To other owners we can help with tax and financial relief.



"Real Advance" Ltd. provides services for short-term rental of properties in Sofia, Burgas  and in Varna.

Our company implements property management of apartment complexes on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

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