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Trust the experienced professionals in theproperty management!

We have invested almost 10 years in training and practice and we have shown excellent results. We have many satisfied guests and even more satisfied owners.


This question excites  each owner who has decided to place his property in the hands of a property management company. 

We are aware of this and have prepared a detailed presentation of our company and our activities. 

Thanks in advance for your time!

Short term lease properties options

Private room

You live in a multi-room apartment, but your family is small and you think some rooms are superfluous. We will give you an idea how to make money from them. Who does not want extra income?!

Private apartment

Your second home where you do not live permanently. Use it only when you need it, rent it for the rest of time and make the most of it. Feel free!

Other properties

You have a loft or a studio where you store luggage or just sit forgotten. Renovate them and turn them into a good source of income! Call us to help you.

Our services


We create property advertising with professional photos, attractive descriptions and prices, and point it to the right audience. 

Guests relations 24/7

Our concern is to communicate with guests constantly - before booking, once confirmed booking, during their stay and after.

Accommodation 24/7

We fully assume tasks of welcoming and checking-in the guests, regardless of day and time.


 We have entrusted the care of the installations and equipment to the responsible masters. One of the most reliable companies in Sofia is responsible for cleanliness.

Services that will significantly increase your earnings 

Interior design, renovation and furnishing

Работим с експерти, доказали се в годините с многобройни проекти. Ремонтите се извършват изцяло под наш контрол.

Administrative and legal

Bureaucratic issues are a tough moment when letting property. Our lawyers will take care of you for all administrative and legal procedures for you.

Payment of utility bills

Monthly monitoring of bills for electricity, water, heating, cable and Internet, and timing of their payment is annoying and time consuming. Assign this task to us!


Property insurance is a priority when renting it. We check the identity of each guest at check-in and require payment of a deposit for damages.

Bonus for each client who likes to travel the world

Bonus for each client who likes to travel around the world

We do not only take care of the tourists in your property and maximize your income!

Working in tourism for the second decade and working on many projects in this branch, we will offer you the most profitable way to travel around the world for holiday and pleasure.

Comments from our customers - property owners

I recommend "Real Advance" Ltd. as a company with a rich and long experience in the tourism industry. In my personal observations it develops and approves rapidly as a leading company in the field of tourism. Behind “Real Advance” Ltd.  stands an intelligent team that always strives to keep up with the latest trends in tourism. From our work together I have realized that they keep on the high quality of guests service and protect owners interests. In their work they show a high professionalism and loyalty, so I strongly recommend working with a partner such as “Real Advance”  Ltd.

Maria Doneva, owner

With this reference I would like to share my gratitude and appreciation for the work of the team of "Real Advance" LTD. With Real Advance Ltd. I have been working successfully for six years. I think it is competitive in the tourist industry and in the field of leasing of rentals. It has a tight and fast working structure, a team of young and ambitious professionals who have an individual approach to requirements and customer needs. Smiling and positive people, extremely strict and correct, with professional attitude and competence in the overall rental process, incl. legal and tax framework. Big base with real offers and customers. The accumulated professional experience in the years and the results achieved are a guarantee that "Real Advance" Ltd. deserves the trust of its current and future clients.

Desimira Kireva, owner


With "Real advance" Ltd. is a pleasure to work on all innovative projects in the field of tourism. Always informed, always accurate and correct, with original suggestions and quick rational decisions. "Rial Advance" is a company that can be relied on!  I recommend!

Georgi Kostov - investor of apartment complex "Apolon", owner of apartments

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