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A few words about the Flatrent.BG project as an extension of our business in cities

The Flatrent.BG website is owned by “Real Advance” Ltd.

"Real Advance" Ltd. was founded in 2014 and quickly became a leading company for property and rental management of apart-complexes and individual apartments, seasonally or all year round, on the Black Sea coast and in the capital.

Since April 2017 he has been a licensed tour operator with license РК-01-7709.

What does “Real Advance” Ltd. generally do:

  • Protect the interests of owners and investors, respecting legal and tax regulations.
  • It is characterized by competence and comb inability in the overall rental process - from the satisfaction of the tourist's needs to the care and maintenance of the property.
  • Engages in the design, repair and renovation of your home, taking into account the budget set by you.

In "Real Advance" Ltd. welcomes  you a young, ambitious and highly educated team led by professionals with many years of experience in marketing and management, undisputed leaders in turning ideas into profitable and realized innovative projects.

For us there are no such words as "can not", "not happening", "no". Problems and difficulties arise, but we manage to solve them quickly, without disturbing the peace of both owners and guests.

Detailed information about the activities of "Real Advance" Ltd., whose project is Flatrent.BG is available on its official website.

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